The Granary Creative Arts Centre

Types of work completed:

  • Designing website architecture

  • Unearthing the core message & brand values

  • Full copywriting service

  • Design of Home page

  • Design of inner page templates

  • Design of landing page template

  • E-commerce integration

  • Social Media Marketing

  • Events Marketing

  • Grant application proofreading and copyediting

I started working with The Granary Creative Arts Centre in October 2018. At the time they didn't have a website and were looking to make their work more accessible, advertise their events more effectively, and to be able to sell tickets and artwork through the website. 

I had several meetings with the founder to gather information for the website and to get a deeper understanding of the unique ethos that powers The Granary. I then drafted the content for the website which I submitted for feedback, and began working on some concept designs for the homepage and inner page templates. We then became a bit more time pressured as an opportunity had arisen where having a live website would be beneficial, so we quickly put the website up in its first draft format. 

Over time the design was refined, different e-commerce options were trialed, and we also added a landing page design to our templates. 

After the completion of the website I did some social media marketing work, and other small marketing and events management tasks. I also helped with proofreading and copyediting grant applications. I continue to work with The Granary Creative Arts Centre on special events marketing and do seasonal website maintenance. 

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